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Day Dreaming
Tuning Out, Modern Style
Posted on 10/10/2014
The speaker was not engaging, entertaining or dynamic at all. He was talking about the work of the education department in Washington, D.C., to a large room full of Michigan superintendents. I looked around the room and saw many, if not most, of my colleagues with iPads out or looking at their cell phones, checking and sending messages. I felt sorry for the speaker and somewhat ashamed, so I put my own device down and tried my best to focus on his talk. Some people might have said we were “multi-tasking,” but to be honest, his delivery was boring and our attention strayed.  READ MORE...
Good Attendance Really Matters
Posted on 04/11/2014
This year, we have put a focus on improving attendance in all of our buildings, and we are showing some true progress in that regard.  READ MORE...