Athletics Overview

Program(s) Philosophy
       At Brandywine Community Schools our athletic program(s) will attempt to serve as a potential educational means through which the student-athlete may develop physical mental, emotional, and social characteristics to their fullest extent.
We shall provide well planned and well balanced interscholastic athletic activities for as many student-athletes as possible,consistent with available facilities, personnel, and financial support. The athletic program(s) shall be planned so as to present a minimum amount of interference with the daily academic program, as well as be organized in a manner which is most consistent with the needs, interests, ability, and maturity of our student-athletes. We will provide professional leaders, who are knowledgeable, qualified, and are sincerely interested in developing the student-athlete to their fullest potential.
Lastly, the athletic program(s) will provide an opportunity for the loyalty of the parents, patrons, and friends of Brandywine to be developed, strengthened, united, or renewed.

Key Reminders for the Brandywine Student Athlete

       The Brandywine student-athlete is a school leader and representative at all times. This means both on and off the field or floor of competition. With these responsibilities come certain privileges and certain obligations.

  • Athletes must maintain conduct if the highest-standards at all times, complying with all training rules and guidelines as set down by individual coaches for their respective teams.
  • Must maintain academic standards and adhere to the eligibility requirements as prescribed by the Michigan High School Athletic Association and the Brandywine Athletic Code.
  • The athlete is encouraged to support other Brandywine athletic teams and members and to attend Brandywine school activities whenever possible.
  • Most importantly, the Brandywine athlete understands that the uniform represents the athlete during competition and the school at all times; therefore, it is to be worn with pride and only during appropriate times.
When all those Brandywine Bobcats fall in line.
We're going to win another game this time.
And when we yell, we yell, we really yell,
For the dear old school we love so well, we yell. 
We're going to fight, fight, fight for evermore.
We're going to kick/shoot that ball and make a score.
We're going to put those (opponents) on the side, on the side,