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HS Counseling Information

Guidance and Counseling Services are offered to all students. The emphasis is on the total development of each individual, addressing the educational, career, personal, and social needs of all students. Counselors meet with students individually, in small groups, and in classes. The primary goals of Guidance Services are to help each student prepare for a meaningful future and develop self-understanding. Students can sign up to see their counselor in the Counseling Office. Parents can refer their child with a phone call or e-mail to their student's counselor. 

Bullying can be a mean look, gesture, words, or action that are repeated over time and are on purpose. It can also be mean text messages or postings on the internet. What should you do if you are being bullied? Tell a trusted adult. What should you do
if you see someone being bullied? If you feel safe, try to intervene!!
To learn more about bullying and what you can do to stop it go to
Career Cruising
Career Cruising is a new program that the school has put in place this year to help students explore different career interests, colleges, financial aid, and scholarships. Students should go to and type in their id and password that they've been given. If a student has forgotten their id/password they can stop by the Counseling Office and we can give it to them again. 
If you need to take the ACT or SAT Test you can register online. For the ACT go to and for the SAT go to If you receive free/lunch or if you're a member of ETS you could take these tests for free! 
Contact Mrs. Roeder for details or for help registering.
Test Scores
If you do not wish to have your test scores on your transcript please contact the Counseling Office.
CEEB Codes
Brandywine High School's CEEB Code is 232-807. This code is needed to register for the SAT or ACT.
It is also often requested in scholarship and college applications.